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    1) Product of the Month Club

    Earn a FREE oil every month!

    Want to earn a free monthly product from doTERRA? Each product has been assigned a Product Value (PV). When you purchase doTERRA products, your PV increases. When your PV reaches 125 on your Loyalty Rewards order, the POM (Product of the Month) will be automagically added onto your LRP order. The POM can be earned only once a month through the Loyalty Rewards Program by placing an order of 125 PV or more between the first and fifteenth of the month.

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    Additional Savings

    Do you love extra savings? Each month doTERRA offers an additional 10% off on a specific essential oil or product. It's a great time to stock up! The special is revealed on the first of the month and is available all month long.

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    Receive 25% Off All Products

    Receive a 25% discount on all essential oil and product purchases for an entire 12 months. Remember to log in using your doTERRA ID and unique Password.

    4) Loyalty Rewards Program

    Earn 10-30% Back in Product Credits

    Earn 10-30% back in product credits with each qualifying order. The longer you buy the more you earn back. A minimum of 50 PV is required to earn Product Credits, a minimum order of 1 PV will maintain points and keep the program active. Personally, I earn enough points to order a Family Essentials Kit FREE every 3 months!

    5) Shipping Credits

    100% Shipping Credits Rewards

    Standard Shipping is $6.99 for Ground, and doTERRA will rebate Shipping Credits to equal the amount paid on LRP orders. Other options are $3.99 Economy (not recommended, takes longer, and harder to track), Two-Day Shipping is $11.99, and overnight is $24.99. Regardless of the option you choose, you will receive your entire shipping costs back in Shipping Credits that you can spend on a future order. (1 Credit = $1.00)

    6) Free Consultations

    Access to an Essential Oil Expert

    Have your essential oil usage questions answered by experienced users. Feel at ease, prepared and confident on how to use essential oils and other natural products safely around every member of the family – children and pets included!

    7) Free Webinars

    Empowered Life Videos

    Access FREE educational videos and webinars on various topics presented by doctors, scientists, and essential oil experts.

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    Join FB Groups and Access Classes

    Oiling is more fun with friends! Gain exclusive access to private Facebook groups and access classes.

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    Earn Free Products

    We have a referral program. Refer your family and friends to us and get free oils or products.

    10) Become a Wellness Advocate

    Supplement or Replace Income

    Supplement or replace your income. Contact me TODAY to learn more!

    11) Some of our Favorite Oil Supply Vendors

    Save Money on Quality Products & Accessories

    We've been purchasing empty spray and roll-on bottles for years. We've found some 'deals' that don't always provide the best quality. doTERRA carries very high-quality DIY Accessories in your virtual office. This provides you the chance to group your oil and product purchases together and pay one shipping fee. However, if you're looking for more of a selection, here are our recommendations:

    12) An Abbreviated Introduction to SOC

    Password Protected Content

    Due to the copyright laws of the proprietary information owned by Boyd Truman, the creator of Symphony of the Cells, this call is password protected.
    However, Mr. Truman has encouraged and even challenged us to teach the Symphony of the Cells protocols to as many people as we can. We have condensed the 8-hour training down to a 90-minute workshop. Even the 90-minute workshop that we present is so comprehensive, but this 40-minute call was just an outline and an introduction. We are happy to come and present the full 90-minute workshop for you and your guests to experience Symphony of the Cells for yourself.
    To schedule the next available date, use the CONTACT US button below and book your workshop.
    *If you’re not in our local area, don't fret! Use the CONTACT US button so we can give you some options for a solution to offer this workshop for your family and friends.

    • Use the button below to contact us for access to this content

    • To order the bundle of SOC materials - The cost of the chart and 3 books is $30 and payable to paypal.me/maryloumorris. *If you cannot pick up your order in Eustis, you will need to include the cost of postage: Media Mail is $3; Priority Mail is $7.

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